Our Story

Nick Estrada was raised by an incredible, loving man who was not his biological father. Together they were family, and this profound relationship led him to be the caring man he is today. Wanting others to feel the joy of having someone love you that didn’t have to love you, Nick set out to change the lives of children in the Kansas City area. After visiting Gillis foster care home, Nick witnessed little celebration in these children’s lives. An idea ignited within him to bring happiness to these children, and to invite the Kansas City community into one of the most fulfilling experiences he had in his life — helping to leave hearts in better shape than they were found.

In 2014, Nick Estrada founded Happy Birthday Inc.

We Throw Birthday Parties

In May 2015, we threw our first birthday party. It celebrated not one kid, but every child at the foster care center with a birthday that month. We played kickball, devoured cake, and gave a present to every birthday boy and girl. We listened to every child who simply wanted a friend to talk with them. Not only did a smile appear on each of their faces, but we left with a smile on our own. Our parties continue to this day — one each month at every foster care group home we visit — celebrating all children who have never blown out candles or received a present.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide birthday parties to children in foster care and expand the number of licensed families in Kansas City.

Our Vision

The vision of Happy Birthday Inc. is a community where every child has a loving home and is celebrated.
We strive to do this by focusing on three strategic priorities:

-Expanding our reach into multiple foster care centers throughout the Kansas City area

-Educating and informing the community on the issues facing the foster care system

-Increasing the number of licensed foster families within the Kansas City community

We Are Party Masters


Title on Board: President

Age: 29

Birthday Month: July

Favorite Birthday Treat: Ice Cream Cake

What was the one gift you wanted, but never got? Jetpack…still waiting

What was the best gift you ever gave someone else? A letter telling the person what they meant to me and how they have bettered my life

Favorite birthday memory: When I was 21, I had a house full of friends having fun. We played Guitar Hero until our wrists hurt, yard games, and ate lots of bbq

What would be your ideal birthday party? Walking into a surprise party with lots of food and friends!


Name: Derek Dowell

Title on Board: Treasurer

Age: 29

Birthday Month: September

Favorite Birthday Treat: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Cake

What was the one gift you wanted, but never got? Michael Jordan Basketball Jersey

What was the best gift you ever gave someone else? I love to spoil my niece and nephew and to see the joy on their faces; so, I would have to say the best gifts have gone to them. Plus, it is so much fun to browse the toy aisles! This past year, I gave my niece a Lil Woodzeez food truck that was pretty awesome. My nephew is a big Star Wars fan, so I gave him a Darth Vader hoodie and lightsaber. Pretty sure I will be a lock for uncle of the year!

Favorite birthday memory: My favorite birthday memory was a surprise party thrown by wife for my 28th birthday. It was amazing to walk in and immediately be surrounded by friends and family!

What would be your ideal birthday party? My ideal birthday party would be filled with sports and friends. I would want to play a round of golf in the morning and finish out the day by going to a Chiefs or Royals game.


Title on Board: Board Member

Age: 30

Birthday Month: April

Favorite Birthday Treat: Coffee, a good book, and a little down time

What was the one gift you wanted, but never got? A trip to Paris…someday

What was the best gift you ever gave someone else? The gift of life, my kids :)

Favorite birthday memory: My family was never into throwing birthday parties. However, on my 5th birthday my older sister put together a surprise party (all by herself) with all my friends and made everything herself. It was so special and sweet!

What would be your ideal birthday party? I’m a simple girl, I would love a nice relaxing day to myself. However, I love to throw fun parties for my 2 kids and the all special kids through HBI!

Matt's Pic

Title on Board: Video Master

Age: 29

Birthday Month: October

Favorite Birthday Treat: Cookie cake with lots of icing

What was the one gift you wanted, but never got? GI Joe Off Roader SUV

What was the best gift you ever gave someone else? An engagement ring

Favorite birthday memory: When I was 10-12 we had all my friends over and we rented a Sega Saturn from Block Buster, and we played Bug!

What would be your ideal birthday party? Going to a movie theater that has been rented out and all my friends are waiting to eat dinner and watch a movie together.

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