Happy Birthday Inc. seeks to bring happiness to the hearts of children in foster care by celebrating their lives. Although every child receives a present at their birthday celebration, they don’t wish for exorbitant gifts. Instead of the typical electronic, big-pocketbook material goods, they ask for a pair of jeans, a new novel to read, or shoes with no holes. Our goal is to provide them with the present of their choosing, while sharing a smile and a piece of cake.

Children in foster care come from a variety of backgrounds that ultimately lead them to seek a forever home, either with their biological family or an adopted one. While they spend time in foster group centers or individual foster care homes, children can feel shuffled and unwanted. Spending one day a month celebrating their lives can mean so much to these children and we’d love your help!

Throw A Birthday Party

Donating funds to help put on one of our monthly birthday parties at a foster care group home will not only help one child feel special, but all children able to participate in the event. We always incorporate a game of some sort (e.g. kickball), ice cream, and cake. However much you can give to throw a party can make it one of happiest days in these children’s lives.

Give A Cake Or A Cakepop

If you own a small bakery, are a board member on an athletic league, or your business involves selling balloons or providing entertainment for children, you’re our kind of donors. We accept donations of party supplies, games, toys, food items, and party favors for all children at our parties to enjoy. Contact Happy Birthday Inc. to discuss donation options available to you at

In addition, foster care group homes require a lot of supplies to keep children safe and comfortable throughout the year. We encourage you to see the list of items Gillis is in need of on a regular basis.

Shed Light On Foster Care In Kansas City

Donating to Happy Birthday Inc. either through a monetary or material contribution, ultimately helps us spread the word about the foster care system in our community.

What are you waiting for — make a difference in the life of a child today!