At Happy Birthday Inc. we call our volunteers Party Masters — because they’ve mastered the skill of bringing joy and laughter to each birthday boy and girl.

Our generous, kindhearted volunteers lead the day of celebration at the monthly parties we throw at foster care centers in Kansas City. They play games, serve treats to each participant, and they listen.

Listening to children at these parties talk about their day or what’s bothering them can make a huge difference. Our volunteers make it a point to listen with all their might to help connect with each child and show them that they are special, they matter, and they should be celebrated. It takes a kind heart to give your time for others, especially children. Our Party Masters are some of our biggest assets as we seek to bring a spark of happiness to the lives of the children we see each month. In the end, each child leaves the party with the brightest smile, while our volunteers leave counting down the days until the next celebration.

Can You Smile Big? Sing Loud? Listen hard?

We encourage anyone who is interested in becoming a Party Favor to contact us at partymaster@hbdayinc.com.

We Are Party Masters